About Us

Prime Education Information Center Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2002 A.D. (Business Registration No. : 22837/059/060 and Tax File No.: 301328834) with its intension to fulfill the dreams of all Nepalese Students who want to pursue their dreams of studying in their desirable subjects in different countries in the world. This company is a member of Educational Consultants Association of Nepal (ECAN) with its membership no. 047/2006/07. This company has been the reliable and meticulous agent of many Universities and Colleges, especially of U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. Besides, it has been working with some other institutions of Germany and Cyprus as well.

Prime Education always run behind deeds not behind words, so we work and help the students diligently in such way that they will be eligible to hold the visa of the country they want for and they have their dreams true to have the academic degrees of foreign countries.

Our offices are located at different areas, which are fully facilitated with computing resources (Free Internet, well furnishing lab, sound environment); seminar room with necessary equipments (In focus Projector, TV, Video and multimedia); Library and Class rooms.

All the best wishes for your study abroad initiation.

International Education

Reviewing and evaluation of students' profile is the first thing we do. After thorough revision and understanding, we guide them to the relevant programs and institution as per their career needs, academic performances and financial credentials. Explaining educational systems of the respective countries and educating all possible routes to get the best and quality education for them is our main responsibility. Preparation to submit all required documents is another task we offer to our students. Concerning the geographical regions, our broad relationships with colleges and universities from USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus and Germany are the noteworthy features which enable our students to study at their desired destinations.

Study abroad is not only concerned with admission at an institution, preparation to obtain visa and pre-departure information. We firmly believe that it is the very beginning steps of a student towards his future thus everything should be acquired in detail at first. Right from choosing the relevant faculty at appropriate institution to plan for a career option after completion of studies plays a vital role to be successful in future.