Study in Australia

Prime education Information Center, a leading education consultancy in Nepal, has a team of well qualified and experienced counselors for assisting students aspiring to study in Australia. Our recruitment number and visa success rate for Australia shows that we are one of the best education consultancy in Nepal for study in Australia. We represent a well number of colleges and universities from Australia which enables us to dispatch services to students aspiring to study different subjects at different cities.

Australia is one of the most desired destinations for education among international students to study abroad. Each academic year, more than 500,000 foreign students choose to study in Australia. Australian Education is recognized and highly valued all over the world. And there’s no compromise on quality. All educational institutions – both public and private – are regularly inspected by the Ministry of Education. Education providers are obliged to comply with national standards and also focus on practical education. That makes employers all over world hunt to hire graduates from Australian universities.

Another important advantage of studying in Australia is that International students as well as Indian students can legally work during their free time to complement their studies and meet their expenses. And earning money is enough to meet their living expenses. And if there was one word that could describe student life in Australia, “exciting” would be a good fit.

Australia is a melting pot of cultures. From its aboriginal beginnings to British and Irish influences and the immigration from Europe and Asia. the foundation of Australia is laid on diversity – from social to geographical! A land of opportunities, the place is full of avenues for students interested in varied disciplines. From specializations to interdisciplinary studies, the education system encourages students to explore their interests and understand where their passion lies. Home to some of the great universities in the world, Australia has a deep culture of collaboration, for instance you can easily see projects like a research project where anthropologists, psychologists, engineers and designers come together towards creating solutions for a better human existence. From the STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – to the liberal arts and humanities, there are courses available for everything!

Apart from the academic prestige, there is quite a lot to experience, from the diverse communities to landmarks like the Sydney Opera house, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and geographical spots like the Great Barrier Reef and Bondi Beach. Academic excellence isn’t limited to learning from books and professors, but truly experiences and getting involved in the community life. It is about understanding people, gaps in creating better conditions for human life, and trying to contribute what you can through a pragmatic academic approach, that’s what Australian education is known for!

Prime Education represents following Australian institutions.