Study in New Zealand

Over the years, New Zealand has been emerging as an attractive destination for international students. Attractive not just in terms of the quality of education, but also in natural beauty. From certificates to doctoral degrees, all levels of education are available here. Seeing its potential, the New Zealand Government has been investing heavily in the education sector.

The education system in New Zealand is modeled after the British system. This means it is globally recognized and acknowledged everywhere. The country has a centrally managed quality assurance system. All institutions that enroll international students must be registered and must follow stringent rules that maintain high standards of quality and care. New Zealand qualifications are not just of a high quality; they have a reputation for being practical, modern, and economical too.

Studying in New Zealand is affordable compared to a lot of other developed countries. Credit for that goes to the competitive tuition fees and a low cost of living. New Zealand is considered to be one of the most stable economies in the OECD network. Like its bigger neighbor Australia, New Zealand has a multicultural society.

A natural playground is an apt term for New Zealand. You’re not far from nature even in the biggest cities. While safety may be a luxury in many countries, it’s something folks in New Zealand are accustomed to. In 2014, NZ was voted the 3rd safest country to live in.

International students can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester, and full time during vacations i.e. 40 hours. Many New Zealand institutions help students find work through the Student Job Search service. Once you complete your course, you’re entitled to a 12-month work permit.Provided you find a job in your field of study, you could very well be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

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